Bernina Express

The Bernina Express, also known as the red train due to the color of its wagons, is a scenic train that connects Tirano in Italy to Saint Moritz in Switzerland. In 2008 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The train trip, lasting about two hours, will be exciting. You can enjoy the alpine landscapes which change color and atmosphere according to the seasons! You can admire the alpine lakes and mountains that are reflected on them, pastures and small villages. The departure station can be reached by train, car or bus from Milan and it is lovely to take this trip and spend a night in Switzerland to make most he things to see.

One of the “highlights”  of the trip will be the “train roundabout”, that is a section at Brusio where the train makes a 360 ° turn. This spiral will make the train go up 20 meters!

Once in San Moritz you can do alpine sports, relax in the spa, go hiking in the Swiss National Park or go shopping in the boutiques in the center.

We would love a trip – and you