Genoa and Portofino

If you want to escape from the chaos of the city, We would love to sugget that you take a break and go  to explore the splendid Ligurian coast.

Genoa is only two hours from Milan by bus or one hours by train. The port of Genoa is the largest in Italy and its beautiful  historic center has been partly declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If you are in Genoa, you absolutely must visit the Aquarium, one of the most complete and technologically advanced centers of marine life in Europe. Not far away is the Biosphere: a gigantic glass ball that houses a humid mini-ecosystem with tropical plants, butterflies and birds. Then let yourself be transported by the Bigo, the panoramic lift of Porto Antico that rises and rotates 360 ° for a complete view of the city.

But Genoa is also history, strolling through “carruggi” vicolets of medieval origin. Admire Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Spinola, Palazzo dei Rolli and many other historical buildings and symbols of the Maritime Republic. Genoa has a very strong local cuisine that is based in local ingredients. Some of the local dishes are traditional Genoese focaccia and the smell of the fragrant trays of this incredible bread like speciality fills the streets of Genova. The incredible basil that is grown along the coast is the base for pesto that is also mixed with the precious olive oil from the coast. Savoury quiches and fish dishes are all part of the Ligurain cuisine.

Along the coast is the internationally renowned and  loved village –  Portofino! An ancient fishing village, it impresses with its pastel-colored houses that develop around the square dominated by small shops and fish restaurants. We can organize a boat trip to enjoy the beauty of the coast and its colors and the crystal clear sea.