Lake Orta

Lake Orta is in Piedmont and just an hour away from Milan.

This is a perfect destination for those that would like to spend a day wandering around the romantic hamlets and enjoying this perfect jewel of a lake.

Orta San Giulia is the hamlet that is the heart of the area, and it is full of 17th century houses and villas and charming gardens. Small streets where cute cafes and restaurants are to be found, as well as many shops offering handmade crafts and gifts. From the shore, you can catch a boat for the island of San Giulia that s actually called “ the silent isle” since most of the surface of the island is the building of an ancient  a monastery, home to closed order nuns.

Once back on the main shore, we love to organize a Michelin starred lunch for groups at the gorgeous Villa Crespi.

Sacro Monte ( sacred mountain) is a Nature Reserve nearby and is a symbol of the area, and it is a gorgeous walk where you can follow the path through the 21 chapels that connect the walk through the woods.

Another gen of a village is Pella, that is on the west side of the lake, and the views towards the island of Orto san Giulia and a medieval tower, is magnificent.

Some great wines are produced in this area, so a stop to have a taste of some of the most renowned ones  in one of the winderies on the hillside covered in vines, is just what you need before heading back to the city.