Langhe is a geographic region of Piedmont. Located between the province of Asti and that of Cuneo, they have been declared a UNESCO heritage. The natural beauty of this area is incredible and the area is one of the best know for foodies as the gastronomy and wine is well known. You might not have heard of Langhe but we are sure that you will recognize some of the local wines such as Barolo, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto d’alba.

One of the popular itineraries for our groups is in the Barolo area. This tour will bring you through all the little villages where this wine was born, letting you visit monuments, churches, castles and beautiful squares that make this territory mystic and wonderful. The area is studded with vineyards, wineries and incredible restaurants that use local ingredients.  We then proceed through the rolling hills, where every corner that you turn, bring a picture perfect scene before you. Autumn is very charming and the colors are  magnificent and if you are lucky, you can join wine picking party which is so much fun!

Another citiy that we suggest you visit is Alba Pompeia, wher you can discover the remains of the ancient city, of the theater and of the forum of Alba. In the museum you will be shown the history and the historical changes in the culture of wine drinking. Alba is also host to the biggest truffle market in the autumn.

A great way to enjoy these itineraries could be on the back of an iconic Italian motorbike “Vespa”!