Monferrato is a historical-territorial region of Piedmont, between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. The territory is characterized by hills full of vineyards and the Piana del Po with its rice fields. Rice is a staple food in the north of Italy, and is grown in great quantities. Risotto is one of the areas speciality making the most of the incredible rice from the area.

Those who go to Monferrato must absolutely visit the wine cellars, the vineyards and taste the typical wines, from the area. Asti Spumante is one of the biggest exported wines that is produced in the area.

This is a symbolic itinerary, declared a UNESCO heritage site, is “Il Monferrato degli Infernot”. The Infernot are underground chambers dug into the Pietra da Cantoni which in the past allowed excellent wine conservation. The reference point for this route is the Ecomuseo della Pietra da Cantoni.

Monferrato offers so much more, it is culture, castles, industrial archeology, national parks… it’s up to you to find out and we would be really pleased to organize a trip for your clients in this almost undiscovered area of Italy!