Mountains of Piemonte

The Alps in Piemonte offer breathtaking views and wonderful panoramas. The white snow cover in winter is ideal for those who have a passion for skiing and snowboard with an immense system of ski stations. It is very enjoyable also for people that do not ski as trails with snow-shoes are ready to explore and the views are out of this world.

The beautiful colors of spring and summer attract sports fanatics and adventurers and there are some beautiful walks for those that enjoy a slower pace.. Each valley has numerous walking and climbing trails, for every level of difficulty.

An enjoyable and fun activity could be The ”Masino” maze. A “puzzle” of hedgerows that is amongst the largest in Italy and winds you through 2,000 carpino-shaped puzzle of hedges and it is great fun trying to get out without resorting to the solution offered by the elevated view of the central turret.

The whole area of the Piedmont mountains offer incredible activities like sailing and canoeing on lakes and rivers; thrilling hang gliding or parachuting, suspended between earth and sky. The mountains actually cover 43% of the whole region and acts as a natural division across the borders with Switzerland and France  so a lot of activities are based around these majestic mountains.