Ostia Antica

A beautiful day trip from Rome is the Archeological park of Ostia Antica.

The park is an amazing place to learn more about Roman history, as according to the legend, Ancus Marcius king of Rome, founded Ostia in 620 BC as a crucial spot to make use of the salt pans at the mouth of the Tiber. The oldest archaeological remains however, date back much later, to the second half of the 4th century BC.You can learn a lot here about the culture and economics of ancient Rome. A powerful center of international trade, almost all the goods that ran the empire came through here. The city operated as the port for hundreds of years.

There are mosaics and ruins of a Roman theatre, as well as ancient market places and many other areas that are brought to life by our expert guides that escort our groups for an interesting tour. We normally leave Rome early to avoid the busiest part of a day and it is great to then organize a delicious lazy lunch of freshly caught fish restaurants in Ostia, before travelling back to Rome.