Padua and the Brenta Villas

Padova: a historical city, the cradle of University and trade, that has always has a detailed attention to art, culture and science. A marvelous city to discover by walking or by bicycle, taking it slowly and enjoying every small detail of this great city.

A city that brings together many unknown attractions: because although the Scrovegni Chapel , where Giotto painted one of his masterpieces is quite well known and is an incredible sight to see, only a few know about the museums, churches, gardens and monuments that Padua offers. This is why the discovery of this city reveals many surprises.

If you would like to discover a classic Padova then begin by visiting the Basilica of sant’Antonio, the Scrovegni chapel, Palazzo della Ragione and the Church of the Hermits (Erimitani).

If you would like to discover the places that narrate the history of this city and region, then we suggest a walking tour with an expert guide that leads you through a scientific itinerary (the historical University, the “Liviano”and the Botanical Gardens) and then  following the route of the Great War.

Finally if you want to do something special we can organize a boat in exclusive use that navigates down the Brenta River to visit to the spectacular Palladian villas: from Padua to Venice, passing through  Stra, Dolo and Mira. Entering the historical locks and and being in awe of the beauty of the elegant and magnificent  stately homes of the region. We can also organzie a surprise pic-nic either on board, or in a garden of one of the villas, and if time allows, then we can finish the magnificant day by entering into the Venice lagoon and see this incredibel spectacle of Venice rising on the horizon, with time for dinner in Venice and then a coach ride back to Padua!