Palermo and the surroundings

Stylish and contradictory, Palermo embodies Arab, Norman history, with Gothic-Catalan and Baroque opulence. It’s a noisy and colorful city with a unique character Palermo hides its secrets well, showing himself generous with those who visit, but keeping its mystery!

Visit the classics of Palermo: the Church of S. Giovanni degli Eremiti and the Palatine Chapel, Corso Vittorio Emanuele and the Cathedral, the Quattro Canti, Piazza Pretoria and the tiny jewel of the Church of Martorana with the nearby Church of S. Caterina.Than visit to the church of San Francesco, Palazzo Mirto, Piazza Marina and the Puppet Museum. The list is endless and our expert local guides make the walking trip so enjoyable and they manage to bring history to life through the stories they tell!

A fun activity is always the discovery of the local markets: Ballarò market is the most famous but there is also the “Capo” market. The noise and smells and sights are incredible and everyoe gets caught up in the Sicilian enthusiasm! Here you can taste the local street food dishes, such as “pane e panelle” or “pane e meusa” and many tasty dishes that are limited to this area of Sicily.

Leaving the city to go Westyou can also visit the incredibile, medieval hamlet of Erice. Here you can try the various almond paste cookies at the famous pastry shop of Maria Grammatico and walk through the winding streets that are bathed in history and tradition.

Surrounding Palermo is Trapani and the west coast salt pans that are dried by the hot African winds , that are a unique sight to see!

Finlly if you want to relax in a beautifu beach we suggest a trip San Vito lo Capo.  Its long sandy beach and its crystal clear sea will enchant you! A fun moment to visit San Vito is in the summer when the CousCous Festival takes place. CousCous with fish is a traditional dish here and the is one of the traditions left by the Moors when they dominated this area. San Vito is part of the Zingaro Nature Reserve and you can visit 5 different small museums and walk through different itineraries that bring you to incredible coves with white powder beaches and crystal clear sea for a refreshing swim.