Located in the centre of the country, Perugia is approximately equidistant from both Florence and Rome. The city itself has a glorious hilltop setting and dates back to the Etruscans. Known all over the world for the 15th and 16th century Umbrian painting school where Raphael worked until 1504!

Top of the list of the best things to visit in Perugia are: San Lorenzo Church, that contains the tombs and relics of some of the Popes, Piazza IV Novembre with the beautiful Fontana Maggiore and Palazzo dei Priopri. Soak up the atmposhere by walking around the ancient streets and enjoy a guided tour with an expert guide.

Go up to the top of Porta Sole to get an incredible view of the city and the beautiful Umbria countryside beyond.

Perugia is surrounded by vineyards. You can visit the vineyards, the wine cellars and a tast different wines accompanied by a selection of local dishes and cold meats. Driving around the beautiful areas in the countryside

Located just outside the city centre, the Perugina Chocolate Factory provides a fantastic alternative attraction that is great especially for those who love this fantastic sweet stuff!  During the tour of the factory you will see the production line in operation, sample some mouth-watering chocolate during a tasting session, and get to spend time in the historical museum.

Finally, if you want to have a special experience, we can organize a ceramic course for your group. An expert artist will guide you through all the stages from the beginning to get a final result of a small piece of pottery decorated of a typical Umbrian pattern