Rome and the Amalfi Coast- 4 days

4 VVIP days in Italy for the highest executives of the Company, including meetings with the Italian Team and the organization of closed-doors meetings in debugged rooms.

Starting from the charming Rome, after the work sessions, the guests had the possibility to visit the Sistine Chapel, led by a very special guide of the Vatican, and the ruins of ancient Rome on an exclusive basis.

After a mix of art, history and amazing Italian food, they couldn’t resist to Naples’ call, and the Amalfi Coast. Naples is not only the motherland of the real pizza, but it’s probably the Italian city with more churches and culinary traditions, a fascinating place facing a deep blue sea. The Amalfi Coast does not need words to be described

Our guests had fun, new experiences and nice moments here: we organized a visit to Capri on a privately chartered yacht, an elegant Mediterranean lunch on the sea, a special tour of the island and some quality shopping to top it off.

A quick meeting at Ferrari, in Maranello, and our guests were ready to go back home!