Venice- 2 Days

190 participants from all over the globe arrived in the Venice airport or train station where they were met by our staff who organized a welcome service and assistance to reach the private shuttle boats that we hired to reach the hotel at the “Lido di Venezia”.The 5 star Hotel Excelsior was chosen as the base for the convention and the ample space and view over the sea, gave a relaxed feeling to the whole event.

We organized shuttle boats to the main area of Venice every evening to allow guests to enjoy the Venetian cuisine while strolling through the main areas of this remarkable city with our expert guides. A fun evening was spent decorating classical Carnival masks, and all the guest had the opportunity to participate at a workshop that we organized in the hotel. Some masterpieces were produced and everyone had great fun using their artistic side, and using mountains of paint, glitter and feathers!

Another team building activity was organized in and around the centre of Venice. A treasure hunt in the city was given a new twist, as we set-up secret  hidden spots where actors in antique costumes, representing the historical character from the history of the city involved the team participants in fun challenges. This was a great way to discover parts of the city, far from the main tourist areas and also learn a lot about the history of the city.