Saint Valentine’s day in Italy

Did you know that Saint Valentine’s day was celebrated since the Middle Ages? It was celebrated in England and in France as it coincided with the start of the mating season of birds and therefore it should be considered a day for Romance and later became fully associated with Love!

A lot of people agree that Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world. We will not argue against that!

Want to know where to celebrate this special day in Italy? Allow us to tell you where we think you should go with your special person. Don’t want to celebrate Saint Valentine’s day? You may be asked to organize a romantic holiday for clients so these suggestions might come in useful all the same!

Let us start in our region – Lombardy. There are so many places to suggest but one of the first suggestions we have is – Lakes. There is nothing more suggestive than the early morning misty mornings that open up to reveal spectacular scenery and dreamy locations. February is not a busy tourist season so wandering around cute small towns and having a private boat trip on the serene water is wonderful. Lake Como with a funicular railway trip in a to the top of the mountain that overlooks the lake for a great walk and a cozy lunch by a picture window overlooking the breath-taking views.
Lake Garda has so many small romantic little towns to visit and even in February the weather is normally good enough to allow you to have some lovely walks and perhaps a boat trip to explore more.
From Lake Garda, it is really easy for you to visit the city of romance that the whole world celebrates – Verona – the city of Romeo and Juliet. The beautiful city has so much to offer and staying in one of the small charming hotels, have a wander through the cobbled streets and visit the small courtyard that houses the most famous balcony in the world. One of the most famous Hollywood’s cinematic version of the story was the one directed by Franco Zeffirelli. You might not know this but most of the scenes were not actually filmed in Verona, but in Pienza in Tuscany and Gubbio in Umbria. Why are we mentioning this? Tuscany and Umbria are so romantic and we can’t even begin to tell you about the charms of passing a few days in these two beautiful regions. Pienza, like a lot of small towns and villages, just oozes charm around every corner. Medieval architecture, delicious food and the surrounding countryside that is just perfect to drive through. Take a car and go on a special excursion, stopping at a couple of wineries and a delicious lunch and that is a perfect romantic day. Umbria offers a plethora of teeny tiny towns just perfect to explore as well.

The Amalfi coast, even in the quiet tourist season is a perfect destination to have a Saint Valentine’s weekend to remember forever! Since it is quiet in February, it is ideal to hire a car and discover the world known coastal road, stopping off to discover gems such as Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and many others. Great food, wine and hospitality and the greatest views around every corner are very hard to beat.
One of our favourite suggestions is to choose one of the spectacular resorts in the Italian mountains. Winters sports, incredible hotels and spa treatments and romantic restaurants – who can resist. The Italian mountains have so much to offer, even for those that do not ski. A romantic walk through the snowy forests, a gondola ride to the top for incredible views and a hot chocolate and pastries in one of the mountain restaurants. A sled dog ride for those that love something new, and a snow shoe excursion with torches to get to one of the isolated snow cabin restaurants to have a candle lit dinner is our idea of heaven.
So much to offer and not only for couples.
Do you have a group that may like one of these activities? Hearbeataly will guide to in finding the best solution for your clients.