The Aosta Valley

An ancient region, with brand new itineraries to explore. The magnificent mountains and valleys tell some extraordinary tales!.

Valle d’Aosta is perfect for a long weekend visiting towns and hamlets perched on the side of the mountains, castles that look as if they have stepped out of a fairy tale and Roman ruins. Valle d’Aosta is an adventure for nature lovers; rafting, canyoning, nordic walking, alpine skiing, hiking in altitude and mountain bike tours. Hot air balloon rides can also be organized in this area and the views are incredible as you float over the crests of the mountains

Valle d’Aosta has some incredible local produce, regional dishes that will make your hear sing and a great  wine production area. The cheeses that are produced in this area are famous all over Italy and we can organize a tour where we can visit some producers so that you can see the proceedure from start to finish. The cheeses, paired with local wines and other delicious food, can be the base of a scrumptious picnic that we can organize in one of the meadows of the verdant valleys.

What should we sugget for a great itinerary for you and your group?  We can start at Aosta and the remains of history starting from 25 A.C. The castle of Fenis, the most important Medieval manor in the region, but perhaps the most famous in the area is Fort Bard, a fortified area that the Savoia family founded and that was a strategic military outpost against the Napoleonic army. We can then explore he area of Cogne, the capital of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the Lillaz waterfalls and the castle of Aynavilles.

Let’s also include the incredible resort of Courmayeur,where guests can enjoy exceptional skiing in the winter and hikes and sports in the summer. This area boasts the futuristic cable car Skyway, and the relaxing thermal baths at Prè – Saint Didier