The Coast of Abruzzo

The beautiful Adriatic Sea in Abruzzo stretches from the region of le Marche down to Appulia in the south.

Pescara is a bright, modern city, which is situated at the mouth of the river of the same, on the Adriatic Sea in Abruzzo, but less than an hour away from the highest peaks of the Apennine Mountains. Pescara has a buzzing city centre with open-air restaurants on the beach and i centre and a cycle path running across the city from North to South.

Vasto enchants with a charm of yesteryear. Overlooking the gulf of Trabocchi, it has ancient origins and collects the remains of three thousand years of civilization, testified by ancient towers, fortifications, churches and palaces. The city boasts the Palazzo d’Avalos with its beautiful gardens, is one of the most significant examples of Renaissance architecture in Abruzzo.

Part of the coast near Vasto is famous for the Trabocchi, that are historical fishing platforms on stilts and a few of them have been restored and can be used for lovely private cocktails and dinners.

The coastal area also hosts a National Park – the Riserva Naturale di Punta Aderci where the vegetation flows into the incredible beaches  and birdwatching is a favourite passtime. If you are lucky, dolphins and sea turtles can also be seen.