Turin is the capital of Piedmont and is only an hour train ride from Milan!

There is so much to say about Turin! This elegant city was the first  capitol of Italy and the grandeur is still evident wherever you look in the city center.

Turin is a city rich in historical architecture: the Royal Palace of Turin is a historical palace of the House of Savoy. The palace also includes the Chiablese Palace and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, the latter built to house the famous Shroud of Turin.

Turin hosts the second most important Egyptian museum in the world, after the one in Cairo.

Another iconic building visible from anywhere in Turin is the Mole Antonelliana, a tall and unusual building that has become the symbol of Turin. This houses the cinema museum, so for anyone that loves classic Italian film history, this is a place to visit. .

Turin also has a palpably industrious spirit. This is the home of the Italian automotive industry. The automobile museum has a collection of nearly 200 cars among eighty car brands.

Food and good food is at the heart of the city, and the first EATALY, an enormous emporium dedicated to the slow food movement, is in Turin. A great place to take a group, where cooking shows and various restaurants and gourmet snacks are all under the same roof.

Finally, just outside the city, if your group has the time, you can spend some beautiful hours at the Veneria Reale, a former royal residence, this palace in nearby Venaria Reale is known as the Versailles of Turin. The sumptuous palace and gardens were finished in 1675. Here we can also help you organize dinners and special events, but also a simple tour fills you with wonder!