Valtellina is an alpine geographical region of Lombardy and is only two hours from Milan!

Valtellina is perfect for nature  lovers and those that adore all kinds of of alpine sports. Valetellina has 400 km of ski slopes and numerous snow parks (that of Mottolino in Livigno is among the most renowned in Europe).

We can organize a Snow-walking excursion with snowshoes on the “Path of the Fiocchi”: a loop trail, flat and clearly marked in Santa Caterina.

But If you want to live a truly unique experience try dog-sledding, an excursion on sleds pulled by Siberian Husky dogs. You will become a “musher”, a sled conductor. You will be guided by an instructor who will lead you on a magical adventure,

Instead, if you just want to relax, we recommend the Bormio thermal baths. Take a dive into history over two thousand years old, from Roman Baths located at caves centuries-old that lead to one of the ancient water sources, to the Panoramic pool overlooking the Bormio valley. A glorious walk followed by a picnic is also a great way to spend a day!

What to eat in Valtellina? Pizzocheri! It is the defining dish of the entire Valtellina area and represents a unique culinary experience. This type of pasta has humble origins, prepared with few, simple ingredients: buckwheat flour, vegetables, cheese and butter. If you would like to organize an overnights stay, dinner can be served in one of the cozy mountain retreats to give your guests a unique experience.