Pink flamingoes in a private garden in the very centre of the city visible to everyone ? In Milan you can find it!
A T-Rex that is climbing a telephone tower? In Milan there is one!
An igloo in the middle of a garden, a palafitte house and a building that has an ear? If you look very carefully, you can find these in  Milan!

Milan is very versatile and you can find anything  you want to try, experiment, taste and do – all possible in this incredibile city!

The classic Milan is know by everyone:  The Duomo cathedral, La Scala theater, Sforzesco castle, Sant’Ambrogio and the canals and over a thousand boutiques in the best know fashion district in the world. So how can we put an edge to your trip to the city? Easy! Lets discover the city on electric bikes, motorbikes, vespas, segways, historical trams, by boat.

We want to tempt you with an out of the ordinary  trip to Milan, because it is special. Just to get your taste buds going we suggest:

Day  1 – The morning dedicated to the Liberty era : Casa Galimberti, Casa Guzzoni, l’ex Dumont Cinema and the Kursaal Diana, Casa Censi and Casa Campanini. These and other Art Deco  jewels that make Milan refined and elegant. In the afternoon you will explore the canal district, taking time to take a look at the art galleries and then take a canal boat into the countryside that surrounds Milan and then bike back to the city if you like.

Day  2 – The skyscrapers of Milan and the Monumental cemetery . Art, history architecture and urban landscapes, a guided tour of the Milan, where the old Pirelli building bows to the new one designed by Pelli and the new Piazza Gae Aulenti and the vertical forest building that has already won the prize of the most beautiful residential building as well as other innovative buildings that are changing the skyline of Milamn forever.  The 250.000 square meters of the Monumental Cemetery, an enormous photo album where the history of the centuries past have been frozen in time. Names such as Manzoni, Foscolo, Leopardi, Verdi and Toscanini are present here through the extraordinary artistic talents of the artists of these funeral monuments.

Day  3 – The silent quarters ¸ a true oasis in an area of four streets where the frenetic city noises fade away and the history of of famous families, artists and writers are cristallized in time. The “last Supper” and the vineyards of Leonardo follow….. in an area of Milan that just a few know about.

Day  4 – The 6 Squares. To trace the history of Milan, the fortunes that allowed it to grow so great and the pulsing heart of daily life:: Piazzale Cadorna, Piazza Cordusio, Piazza Affari, Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, Piazza San Sepolcro and Largo Cairoli.

Something special:

  • Walking on top of Milano above the Galleries: because the higher you go, the better view you get.
  • Shopping with style! With a personal shopper it is much more fun
  • Evening at La Scala in a private box, or a top league football match in the most famous stadium of Milan
  • Dinner at the “Blue Note” club with live music from major jazz and blues musicians.
  • Milanese cooking classes at the Italian Academy of Italian Cuisine.
  • Dinner on board a historical tram while sightseeing in comfort
  • Escape room: closed in a room, 60 minutes to find a way out, you can win if you collaborate with the rest of the group