Milan- 1 day

A night at the museum! Here’s what happened at the Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum in July!

The Museum is of course a place of art, culture, but can also become a place for entertainment. A magical and unexpected location that has captured the hearts of the guests of a leading cardiac surgery equipment company. The evening opened with a meeting held in the Sala del Cenacolo, an ancient refectory that is beautifully  decorated with stuccos and frescoes by Pietro Gilardi. Following a guided tour of the museum and the Leonardo collection as well as other unique “pieces”. The highlight of the evening was a gala dinner set up with an imperial style table setting and featured delicacies from Italy and was served in the gorgeous Sala delle Colonne.

An innovative and impressive location, which combined culture and good food with the work element, under the roof of of one of the most important museums located in magical Milan.