Have you ever heard of the giant benches of Monferrato? If you look closely during a visite among the hills and vineyards that characterize the area you may encounter them!

These structures are part of the larger Big Bench Community Project conceived by Chris Bangle and his wife Catherine: an initiative that aims to support the communities, tourism and crafts of the municipalities that host it.

The benchs symbolizes meeting and social sharing with friends and relatives, but also with strangers. The out-of-scale dimensions of these installations allow them to accommodate a lot of people at the same time.

Visitors can sit and enjoy the landscape from a different point of view: that of a child! This is precisely the feeling you get after getting on the bench, given its imposing size.

The giant benches are placed in super panoramic points. You will be able to observe the hills, vineyards, small villages and lavender fields from above.

We can organize a tour of Monferrato for your group. After a visit to the vineyards and cellars and a tasting of typical products, we will take you to the most evocative Big Bench for a unique experience!